ECC Asks Town to address flooding on Pipeline

The following was sent on behalf of the ECC to the Town today regarding the recurrence of flooding on Pipeline:

Dear Victor and Garrett,

On behalf of the Edgemont Community Council, I am writing to bring to your attention that flooding on Pipeline Road, in the vicinity of the site of the proposed new construction on Old Colony Road, has occurred once again. Enclosed are two videos, taken 15 minutes apart at around 3:15 p.m. yesterday, October 1, 2019, of the flooding that took place yesterday. The videos are attached below as dropbox linka. As you can see from the videos, there is a substantial volume and velocity of water being ejected onto Pipeline which, as you know, has no storm water drainage, and if yesterday’s brief sudden downpour is any indication, this is a major public safety problem that must be addressed right away before winter and the risk that the flood waters will freeze, as they have in the past.

I had understood that in connection with the proposed development plans, which I was told are now on hold, the Town’s Public Works Department last year located, partially excavated and cleaned a decades-old 18-inch storm water drainage pipe that runs along Pipeline Road from the Hartsdale Train Station to a culvert near Edgemont Road. I had also understood that water draining from the storm water drain on Old Colony Road onto the property proposed to be subdivided was supposed to be collected and fed into that storm water drainage pipe along Pipeline and that the cause of the flooding was the accumulation of construction debris that the Town has since been cleared. If I am mistaken about those details, please let me know and please also respond with an action plan that I can share with Edgemont residents so that we know this public safety problem is being addressed promptly.



ECC Monthly Meeting – October 7th, 2019

The Edgemont Community Council will hold its October 2019 meeting tomorrow, Monday, October 7th at 8PM in the Edgemont Junior Senior High School Faculty Lounge.

The agenda can be found on our website.

As always, ECC meetings are open to the public.

ECC Asks Town for Status on Underhill project

The Edgemont Community Council yesterday evening invited Victor Carosi, Greenburgh’s public works commissioner, to answer questions at tonight’s ECC meeting regarding the stalled water project on Underhill Road.  Citing a prior commitment, however, Mr. Carosi said he is unable to appear.  The ECC asked in that case if he could provide a written update as to the status of the project.  Mr. Carosi has not yet responded to that request, which was also issued last evening. The status of the Underhill project is among the items on tonight’s ECC agenda.  A copy of the emailed correspondence with Mr. Carosi is available here.   

ECC Monthly Meeting – September 9th, 2019

The Edgemont Community Council will hold its September 2019 meeting tomorrow, Monday, September 9th at 8PM in the Edgemont Junior Senior High School Faculty Lounge.

The agenda can be found on our website.

As always, ECC meetings are open to the public.

Democratic Primary Reminder

This is a friendly reminder that the Democratic primary is Tuesday.  Registered Democrats may vote at their usual polling locations from 6am to 9pm.  There are two contested elections in Greenburgh:

Council (Vote 2): Eric Zinger, Gina R. Jackson, S. Ken Jones.

Town Clerk: Judith A. Beville, Maria J. Portilla.