The Edgemont Community Council today launched a new website that it hopes will provide its readers with a more user-friendly way to access not only the latest news about Edgemont and the Town of Greenburgh, but also copies of minutes of all ECC meetings and documents of importance to Edgemont residents generally.

The website will keep for now its existing website address,, which will direct readers to the new site — plus anyone who reads news stories posted on either the ECC’s Facebook page or the Greenburgh Update Facebook pages, will now be directed to the ECC’s website where the article will appear.

The new website will enable us to provide embedded hyperlinks to prior stories as well as to documents referred to in the stories. Our news stories will also continue to be searchable on all the popular search engines. The website itself will also now allow readers to research prior stories by date, subject matter and key words — a feature that was not possible just using Facebook alone.

The change in website will also now allow anyone who sees an article they like on our site to share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and any other popular social media network.

We have also enabled the “comment” feature on the ECC website which will allow readers to “comment” much the same way that readers may now comment on either the ECC Facebook Page or Greenburgh Update. However, comments made on the Facebook pages will only appear on the Facebook pages, and comments made on the ECC website will only appear there.

Unlike the Town of Greenburgh which does not permit residents to comment on its own website, the ECC not only welcome comments from residents, but as long as they stay on topic and do not engage in self-promotion, we have always allowed public officials to comment as well.

Creating the new website was the work of ECC directors Howard Hirsch and Dylan Pyne who together conceived of the idea of making the website more up-to-date, user friendly, and far more economical to run, and then over the course of a few weeks migrated all our data. Messrs. Hirsch and Pyne are to be congratulated for their effort.

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