Christine Kang Missing FlyerThe Greenburgh Police Department today released a “missing person” flyer (Christine Kang Missing Flyer)  in connection with the disappearance of Edgemont teen Christine (Ji Woo) Kang.

Ms. Kang was last seen at around 11 p.m. Friday evening on Lexington Avenue after exiting Grand Central Terminal.  Ms. Kang, age 16, is considered an “endangered juvenile” who left her home in Edgemont Friday evening — without wearing a coat —  after an argument with her parents.

The flyer will be distributed along the Harlem train line from Scarsdale to Grand Central Station, and along the New Haven train line up to New Haven.  Before moving to Edgemont when she was in the 8th grade, Ms. Kang had lived with her family in Connecticut and may have friends and acquaintances in the New Haven area.

Volunteers interested in distributing the flyers can download the attached and either distribute them along the aforementioned train lines and at Grand Central itself. For more suggestions, or if volunteers would like to organize a group, please contact edgemontcares@gmail.com.

Click here to download flyer as picture for pasting into Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

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