Thank YouThe family of Christine Kang today expressed thanks to the Greenburgh police and to the Edgemont community for their efforts to locate the Edgemont 16-year old  who went missing for nine days before being found “safe and healthy” Sunday evening at Saint Agnes Church in Midtown Manhattan.

In a statement sent this morning to the Edgemont Community Council and Edgemont school officials, the family said it “would like to express our  tremendous appreciation to everyone who took Christine into their hearts.”  The family credited Greenburgh police with correctly determining where Christine was likely to be found and with the many volunteers from Edgemont who distributed flyers in that area.

” We would like to thank all those whose tireless efforts and relentless search brought Christine safely home. We would also like to extend our gratitude to all who kept her in their thoughts and prayers for her safe return to home.”

“We would like to give a special Thank You to the gentleman who recognized Christine in the Church of Saint Agnes,” the family said.

The family also expressed thanks to Greenburgh Police Chief Chris McNerney, Capt. Brian Ryan and the team of the Detective Division of the Town of Greenburgh Police Department who “immediately implemented the search.”

“Their efficient and powerful investigation identified Christine’s route promptly, which enabled the search to focus on the area of Manhattan. Furthermore, their determined and unyielding efforts played a critical role in finding Christine safe and healthy,” they said.

“We would also like to thank all of the members of the Edgemont community. Their tremendous outpouring of support for Christine and our family have enormously helped us to continue the pertinacious search. Especially, we would like to thank Aubrey Graf-Daniels and the Edgemont Care Committee members, the Edgemont High School and the Edgemont Korean Mom Association. Through this network and our family’s friends, we could have distributed more than 4,000 flyers in areas of Manhattan and Fort Lee, New Jersey.  All of their help and support has been beyond our family’s imagination.”

Edgemont Cares is an arm of the Edgemont Community Council.  It was formed by the ECC in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to help Edgemont residents in need and mobilizes whenever the need arises.

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