'][The Edgemont Community Council’s Silver Bowl for distinguished community service will be awarded this year to Aubrey Graf Daniels, ECC president Bob Bernstein announced tonight.

The award will be given at the ECC’s annual meeting at the Greenville School on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.   

The ECC’s Silver Bowl Committee, chaired this year by ECC director and treasurer Gregory Adams, recommended that Ms. Daniels receive the award, citing her work on behalf of Edgemont Cares, which she founded, the assistance she gave this year to the Kang and Brody families, the assistance she gave in 2012 to Edgemont residents afflicted by Hurricane Sandy, her service on the boards of the ECC and the Cotswold Association, and her involvement at Seely Place, where, in addition to assisting in the library, serving lunch, co-chairing the book fair, working on the annual Spring Fete, and serving as a class parent, she recently created and twice-weekly teaches a JavaScript coding after school club for Edgemont elementary school children.

In notifying Mr. Bernstein of Ms. Daniels’ selection, Mr. Adams said the Silver Bowl Award “recognizes commitment and exemplary service to the community, and Aubrey clearly exemplifies that.”

The ECC’s Silver Bowl has been awarded just about every year since 1950 to an Edgemont resident for distinguished community service.  Recipients usually received an engraved silver box, but when the manufacturer stopping making them, the ECC started awarding an engraved Silver Bowl instead.

Serving with Mr. Adams on the committee this year were ECC directors Matt Jaffe, Hilary Greenberg, and Tom Blank.

Ms. Daniels is a relatively recent addition to Edgemont, having moved to the community from Manhattan with her husband Joe in 2007.  She has two young children, Nicholas and Alexander, both of whom attend Seely Place.  Ms. Daniels is originally from California, having grown up in Silicon Valley.

Since 2009, Ms. Daniels has served as a director of the Cotswold Association,  and since 2011, as its president.  Until 2014, she also served as Cotswold’s representative to the ECC and as the ECC’s Corresponding Secretary.

In 2008, in response to a recent rash of burglaries in Edgemont, Ms. Daniels worked with the Greenburgh Police Department and the Cotswold Association to form the Cotswold Neighborhood Watch.

In the fall of 2012, in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, Ms. Daniels founded Edgemont Cares, an arm of the ECC, to provide coordinated assistance in the form of hot meals, blankets, lighting and shelter to elderly and/or homebound Edgemont residents who were without heat or electricity, and unable to get help from the Town.

More recently, when a neighborhood high school student went missing, Edgemont Cares, under Ms. Daniel’s leadership, worked with residents, students, faculty, school administrators and the police to coordinate the distribution of flyers by more than 200 volunteers throughout Manhattan. Ms. Daniels also reached out to the student’s family to let them know that their Edgemont neighbors were there to help.  Ms. Daniels was with the family when police called to say their daughter had been found.

And last month, when an Edgemont parent was tragically killed, Edgemont Cares under Ms. Daniel’s leadership was able to organize the delivery of dinner to the family each night for a month.

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