Broken Link to Comp Plan

In what appears to be an enormous Greenburgh blunder, the Town has lost its electronic links on the internet to its revised comprehensive plan — presumably because no one in Town paid the bill.

As if the controversial comprehensive plan being proposed by the Town’s Comprehensive Planning Steering Committee were not troubling enough, it now appears that the Town’s internet links to the website where the latest plan was posted have expired — which means no one right now can access any of the electronic links the Town provided for residents to study the plan prior to the public hearing on April 28.

The glitch came to light this evening as Edgemont residents are engaged in a massive email effort to alert their neighbors to what’s in the comprehensive plan to encourage them to read the plan and appear at the steering committee’s only public hearing scheduled, which is on April 28 — one day before the ECC’s annual meeting.

The ECC’s own links to the comprehensive plan were extinguished (from previous stories) when the Town ended support for its own links.  However, enclosed is a link which we’ve been able to establish for ECC readers; hopefully, the Town will rectify the problem in a timely manner for taxpayers in the rest of the Town.

Click here to access the Comprehensive Plan Website

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