The ECC Appeals for Membership, We Needs your Support!

MembershipBy now most of you should have received this year’s Annual Newsletter.  Each year The ECC is happy (and required) to mail the SBNC’s Call for School Board Nominations in January and the Annual Newsletter in April. Additionally, sometimes we encounter the need to send essential unplanned mailings such as the letter last May about how Greenburgh’s Comprehensive Plan would affect Edgemont residents.

Unfortunately, the cost of these communications have become so prohibitive that we have since forgone sending our annual September mailing which requests membership dues and donations from Edgemont residents.  We had hoped that we could make up the revenue from this annual appeal with online  communications but we have yet to be successful in doing so.

We don’t ask for much; our dues are still only a nominal $30/year.  We are proud to say we’ve managed to work wonders by communicating as much as possible through our website and social media. But with 2,800 individual Edgemont households to reach and the need to satisfy our communications requirements we must still rely on old fashioned print and postage; and that cost today is astronomical.  To send out the required Annual Newsletter and SBNC Call for Candidates mailings requires that The ECC obtain at least 118 annual household memberships. Then there are our other costs such as those associated with the School Board Nominating Committee, the ECC Annual Meeting and the actions which support other ECC initiatives.

While mailings represent our biggest expense incurred during a typical year and may be the most visible action of the ECC, the ECC does so much more.  We represent and advocate on behalf of the Edgemont community on matters of zoning and planning, public works, Town budget & taxes, quality of life issues including police affairs as well as so many other initiatives.  We sponsor the School Board Nominating Committee which has been essential in finding highly qualified individuals to serve on Edgemont’s School Board of Education people who help guide our administration on matters which keep our schools affordable without sacrificing the quality of the education our children receive.  You can learn more about what ECC does by exploring this website.

So how can you help The ECC today?

PayPal LogoFirst, please Join and Pay your annual membership dues by clicking on the PayPal icon on the left.

Second, help us reduce the need to mail some communications by including Join-Mailing-Listyourself on our electronic mailing list with the icon on the right.  This is an Opt-In service that provides you the opportunity Opt-Out anytime you wish to do so.

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