Edgemont School District LogoSchool officials needed the Edgemont school budget to pass Tuesday by a super-majority of 60%, and voters answered with a resounding approval of 85%, which was one of the highest margins of approval in Edgemont history.

State law required the budget to pass by a super-majority because the school board had recommended a budget that exceeded the state-mandated tax cap.

The budget-to-budget increase for next year was only $1.8 million, but because of tax certiorari settlements this year which reduced the assessed value of property in Edgemont, the actual tax hike was around 2 percent — an amount which exceeded the figure determined by the formula by which the so-called tax cap is determined.   Ironically, last year’s budget to budget increase was larger, as was the tax hike, but because it was within the cap, approval by a simple majority was required.

School officials believed that by exceeding the tax cap this year, the district will be able to keep future tax hikes from spiking.

The budget vote was 578 in favor and 103 opposed.   Jennifer Darger and Brian Yarrington were also re-elected to second three-year terms, respectively.

School superintendent Victoria Kniewel issued the following statement:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Budget passed by approximately 85% — 578 yes and 103 no.

Your endorsement of the administration and School Board’s careful stewardship of the community’s most valuable resource supports all of the schools’ programs and direction. Thank you for your support as we continue enhancing the education we provide to our students in a fiscally responsible manner.

Jennifer Darger and Brian Yarrington were re-elected to serve on the Board of Education and the Fire Alarm Proposition passed 577 yes and 47 no.

Victoria Kniewel

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