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With six nominees to be interviewed to fill three vacancies (click for full ECC News Update) – UPDATED LINK on the Edgemont School Board, this year clearly demonstrates the importance of having your civic association fully represented in the School Board Nomination Committee process.  While we are in the midst of selecting this year’s SBNC endorsed candidates we have also begun planning for next year.

To learn more about SBNC and talk to those who have served in the past or those serving now, you can click this link.

We are currently seeking voting members as well as alternate members for next year’s committee.  It is worth noting the important roles played by both voting and alternate members of SBNC and that alternate members participate in the process exactly the same as voting members.  All members of SBNC reach out to the community to search for nominees, all members interview the nominees and deliberate prior to selecting the SBNC endorsed candidates.  Because each civic association is only allowed two votes, alternate members will only be called upon to vote if a voting member becomes disqualified from the SBNC process.

To qualify for membership on the SBNC, a person…

  • Shall be a resident of the school district for at least three years
  • Shall not be the spouse of a current school board member
  • Shall not be the President or Vice President of a civic association
  • Shall, if the spouse of a prior SBNC member, wait until a period of one year has passed from the date of service of such prior member
  • If served previously, it must have been on or prior to the 2012-2013 School Board Nominating Committee selection year.

To submit your name for consideration on the committee please contact your Civic Association President (click here) or reach out to me at and I will pass your name along.

If you live within the borders of the Central Park Avenue or Northern Greenville Civic Associations you are still afforded the opportunity to join the SBNC committee by contacting either Bob Bernstein (ECC President) or myself.

Click here for more details about joining the SBNC. 

I thank you in advance for considering this most important and worthwhile endeavor for the Edgemont community and school district.

Howard Hirsch
First Vice President
Chairman of the School Board Nominating Committee

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