A bomb threat this morning was found scrawled on a toilet paper dispenser in an Edgemont Junior Senior High School bathroom, prompting all high school students to be evacuated to Seely Place School, where reports are that students are now being dismissed for the day while a sweep of the school takes place.  UPDATE:  As of 3 p.m., police found nothing in the building or the parking lots, the building was locked for the day, and school will resume tomorrow, when students may retrieve any personal items left behind.  

Victoria Kniewel, superintendent of schools, sent the following email to all parents:

“A non-specific bomb threat was written on a toilet paper dispenser in one of the EHS boys bathrooms today.  It said, “There is a bomb.”  To be completely safe while we check this threat, all of the students are being evacuated to Seely Place School.  The police are on campus and we are following their direction.

Please do not come to the school.  In the event of a family emergency or other urgent matter, please contact me at 914-472-7768.  I will keep you informed via email as we continue the investigation into this matter.”

It is not known yet whether the high school’s evacuation will impact school activities this afternoon where, among other things, a “tech” rehearsal for the spring musical “Into the Woods,” was scheduled from 3 until 8 p.m. this evening.  UPDATE:  All after school activities, including the musical rehearsal, are canceled; an additional rehearsal was added on Wednesday; the show opens Thursday night. 

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