Town of Greenburgh Proposed Zoning Map Amendments

The Town Board of the Town of Greenburgh proposes to amend the Town’s Zoning Map to be consistent with recommendations set forth in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted on September 28, 2016. The Town Board will hold a public hearing related to the Appendix E changes on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 (now adjourned to January 10, 2018).

These potential changes would be made to approximately 280 individual parcels in the Town to achieve the following objectives: remove multiple zoning designations on a single lot; exhibit consistency with the future land-use of the Comprehensive Plan; bring individual lots into conformance, where practical; bring multiple lots into conformance, where practical; and for general zoning consistency (on cul-de-sacs as an example).

Please note that if your property is one of the parcels listed in Appendix E and is recommended to be updated. A copy of the recommended zoning amendments can be found here, as a map, with an explanation for the potential rezoning.

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