SBNC Announces Endorsed Nominees for School Board

On March 22, the School Board Nominating Committee endorsed Mariquita Blumberg, Nilesh Jain and Pamela Montgomery to fill the seats on the Board of Education being vacated by Michael Bianchi, Jennifer Darger and Brian Yarrington.

A diverse group of hard-working individuals sat on the SBNC. They served with extreme thoughtfulness and dedication throughout the nomination and recommendation process. I would like to thank the SBNC committee for their efforts (names below).

I would also like to thank all of the nominees for their willingness to participate and abide by the SBNC process as well as their willingness to commit themselves to serve on the Board of Education.

Members of the SBNC for the 2017-18 School Year are as follows:
Central Park Avenue Association: Eileen Westler (alternate)
Cotswold Association: Wendy Amer-Hirsch, Victor Gialleonardo and Charles McNally (alternate)
Edgemont Association: Caryn Balamaci, Mark Rosenblatt, Lauren Ricci-Warren (alternate)
Edgemont High School G.O.: Shruti Kanna
ECC: Jiang Zhu, Genevieve Jaffe and Diane Gipstein (alternate)
Fort Hill Association: Jeff Sherwin and Scott Krochek
Greenridge Association: Dana Leff Niedzielska and Shula Darviche
Longview Association: Robin Luband
Northern Greenville Association: Evelyn Ray and Dylan Pyne
Southern Greenville Association: Jay Patel and Mrinal Jahnghani

Lastly, I would like to thank the local businesses, The Candlelight Inn, Gennaro’s Pizza and Giannoni’s Deli who donated food to feed the SBNC during the long evenings of interviews and deliberations.

Lisa Decker
School Board Nominating Committee Chair (

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