SBNC Call for Nominations

The Edgemont School Board Nominating Committee (the “SBNC”) will hold an open meeting on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 (snow date – Thursday, January 17) at 7:30pm in the EHS Faculty Lounge to receive nominations for candidates for the Board of Education of the Edgemont Union Free School District #6 at Greenburgh. Three vacancies on the Board of Education will be filled at the general election on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. These three will be created by the expiration of the terms of office for Alec Clarke, Judy Seiff and Nilesh Jain. As of this mailing, Alec and Judy intend to seek election to a second term and Nilesh, who was elected to complete the unexpired term of Ken Orce, intends to seek election to his first complete 3-year term.

The SBNC invites all Edgemont residents to actively participate in the nominating process by urging qualified residents of our community to seek nomination to the Board of Education, submit nomination letters for candidates, and attend the open meeting on January 16, 2019.

Members of the Board of Education, in a strong spirit of volunteerism, serve without compensation. Members are required to attend two public meetings per month (and more at budget time), attend Executive Sessions and undertake the necessary preparation for these functions. Membership on the Board of Education brings a solid sense of community involvement.

The nomination of a candidate to the Board of Education must be made in a letter to me as Chair of the SBNC and must be received before 7:30pm on January 16, 2019. Nominating letters may also be presented in person at the open meeting held that evening. The letter may be written by any qualified voter of the Edgemont School District other than a member (or spouse of a member) of the SBNC. In addition to the name and address of the candidate, the letter must contain a brief biographical sketch of the candidate, including the candidate’s educational background, occupation, participation in civic affairs, the length of residence in the Edgemont School District, and the grade level of any children attending any Edgemont schools and/or the year of graduation of any children who have previously attended Edgemont schools. The letter must also contain a statement indicating that the candidate has consented to serve if nominated and elected. Under the rules of the SBNC, any letter that fails to include these items cannot be accepted. Please address nominating letters to:

Andrea K. Weiss
SBNC Chair
15 Paxford Lane
Scarsdale, NY 10583

Members of the SBNC for the 2018-19 School Year are as follows:

Central Park Avenue Association: Eileen Westler and Josh Berlin
Cotswold Association: Victor Gialleonardo, Ann DeVries and Amy Foote
Edgemont Community Council: Diane Gipstein, Henie Simon and Adriana Andrade
Edgemont High School G.O.: Ariella Zagorsky
Fort Hill Association: Scott Krochek, Jeff Sherwin and Jennifer DeMarrias
Greenridge Association: Shula Darviche, Dana Leff Niedzielska and Sabina Haq
Longview Association: Robin Luband, David Roy and Joan Zolot
Northern Greenville Association: Dylan F. Pyne
Old Edgemont Association: Sharyn Lewis, David Stern and Jennifer Frain
Southern Greenville Association: Mrinal Jahnghani and Hilary Greenburg

The undersigned has been appointed Chair of the SBNC by the Board of Directors of The Edgemont Community Council, Inc. pursuant to its Nominating Committee Rules and Procedures.


Andrea K. Weiss, SBNC Chair and ECC 2nd Vice President (

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