SBNC Receives Additional Nomination

The SBNC has received one additional letter of nomination from the community at large as a result of the extended deadline for nominations. As stated in the SBNC Bylaws, when the number of persons to be interviewed is equal to or fewer than the number of vacancies, the SBNC shall extend the period to receive nomination letters from qualified residents for an additional two week period. The two week extension ended February 8, 2019 at 5pm and no additional letters will be accepted by the SBNC.

At their January 18th meeting, the SBNC accepted letters of nomination for three individuals to fill the three upcoming vacancies on the Edgemont School Board. Those individuals nominated were: Alec Clarke, Nilesh Jain and Judy Seiff. The letter of nomination received during the extension period is for Stephen Older. The SBNC accepts these letters of nomination and appreciates the willingness of all four nominees to serve the Edgemont community and its schools.

The SBNC seeks comment from Edgemont residents concerning all of the nominees. Comments should be submitted by March 1st in writing to Andrea Weiss, SBNC Chair, 15 Paxford Lane, Scarsdale, NY 10583, or via email at Comments must be attributable (anonymous comments will not be accepted) and will be kept confidential within the SBNC.

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