SBNC Announces Endorsed Candidates

At its meeting on March 10, the Edgemont School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) nominated Nareen Jabbour, Nilesh Jain, and Grace Lin for election to the Edgemont school board. Jain will be running for re-election, while Jabbour and Lin will be running for the first time. Current school board members Alec Clarke and Judy Seiff will be stepping down after serving two complete terms on the board.

The committee is grateful to all the candidates for their participation in the SBNC process and their willingness to commit to serving the Edgemont community through membership on the school board. The SBNC will sponsor an open forum to introduce the candidates to the community. (Further details to
be announced.)

The nominating committee has been meeting regularly since last fall, attending school board meetings, and gathering input from the current school board, the school administration, and the community. The process is designed to (1) Encourage qualified residents to make themselves available to serve; (2) Establish a fair and judicious means for evaluating and recommending candidates for the School Board; and (3) Make campaigning less necessary or less likely by ensuring a fair and open process for their nomination.

The nominating committee consists of residents from each of the civic associations within the Edgemont community as well as a student representative from Edgemont High School. The 2021-’22 SBNC membership is as follows:
 Central Park Avenue Association: John Gerraughty, Sharon Peng & Ilir Tota (alternate)
 Cotswold Association: Kristelle Curry & Elizabeth Osborn
 Edgemont Community Council: Matthew Jaffe, Lauren Lappen & Nancy Paley (alternate)
 Edgemont High School: Ariel Novominski
 Fort Hill Association: Mythily Gurumurthy, Roz Tomas & Phil Yuhn (alternate)
 Greenridge Association: Elaine Lu & Ben Tanen
 Longview Association: Rachel Fissell, Shari Kaplan & Sabina Singh (alternate)
 Northern Greenville Association: Jennifer Rosin, Gerri Sommers & Ivanna Bilych (alternate)
 Old Edgemont Association: Chris Buckser-Schulz, Jennifer Frain & Betsy McCormack (alternate)
 Southern Greenville Association: Divya Mathur, Fatima Shama & Gillian Biron (alternate)

Community members who are interested in serving on the SBNC in future years are encouraged to contact their civic associations or the ECC.

David M. C. Stern
SBNC Chair, 2021-‘22

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