ECC Nominating Committee Announces 2022-2023 Slate

The ECC Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the 2022-2023 slate in advance of the ECC Annual Meeting on Wednesday, April 27th at 8PM in the Seely Place APR. This year’s nominating committee was chaired by Jennifer Frain. Joining Jennifer on the committee were Eliana Weissman, Joseph Pragray, Sharyn Lewis, and Lauren Lappen. Below is the slate to be voted on at the ECC Annual Meeting:

Officers and Directors

President: Dylan F. Pyne
First Vice President: Pamela Montgomery
Second Vice President: David M.C. Stern
Treasurer: Jeremy Feffer
Secretary: Jennifer Frain

Directors – 3-Year Term Ending June 30, 2025
Vic Gialleonardo, Pamela Montgomery, Tamim Nazif, Dylan F. Pyne

Central Park Avenue ECC Director – Term Ending June 30, 2022
Joseph Pragay

School Board Nominating Committee
Chair – David M.C. Stern
Lauren Lappen – Year 2 of 2
Matt Jaffe – Year 2 of 2
Nancy Jacobson Paley – Alternate

Additionally the committee thanks Josh Berlin, George Nukho and Colin McCarthy who will be completing their terms on the ECC Board of Directors this year, for their years of service to the community.

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