ECC Monthly Meeting: Monday 1/4 at 8pm

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Food Drive – December Delivery

Today, we dropped off another 50 “baskets” to a food pantry in Mt. Vernon, just in time to feed families in need for the holidays. This was made possible because of the donations you made to the ECC Food Drive last month. The funds raised will allow us to continue such deliveries to people in need for months to come.

THANK YOU to all of the volunteers this month that helped shop, assemble, and deliver these bags. We could not have done this without you! Next month, we have committed to donating 100 food baskets to the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry, so we will have another busy month ahead. Please email us at if you would like to help.

We continue to be inspired by the tremendous support of the Edgemont community. Wishing you all a very healthy and happy holiday season. We look forward to all of the great things we will do together as a community in 2021!


ECC Monthly Meeting: Sept 14th, 2020

A Message in Support of Black Lives Matter

In the few remaining days I have as ECC president, several Edgemont residents, most especially parents of young children, have asked my advice on doing in Edgemont what other communities across America are doing today — which is demonstrating support for our African American friends and neighbors in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, honoring the memory of George Floyd and countless others before him who have needlessly and tragically lost their lives, and rejecting the systemic racism surrounding us that has led this to happen. While the substantial majority of us in Edgemont is white, I know from my years of volunteering for the Edgemont community that Edgemont’s support today for BLM is sincere, widespread and heartfelt. But what to do?

Unfortunately, because of COVID restrictions, we cannot invite Edgemont families to gather on school grounds; nor is it safe to invite Edgemont families to march along Edgemont streets to show their support, and iconic Edgemont locations like Crane Pond are just too small in size to ensure safe social distancing. I therefore encourage Edgemont residents to join other scheduled events elsewhere in Greenburgh and surrounding areas, and when you do, to make signs in support and proudly wear Edgemont insignia. We should let everyone know that ours is a community that acknowledges systemic racism, rejects it, and wants all of us, young and old, to learn what we can do to end it.

Because this is a learning experience, I am posting a 30-minute Facebook video message from the Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt, a longtime Unitarian Universalist minister now based in California but who was in charge of a large congregation in NYC. Rev. McNatt is a longtime family friend and colleague of my wife, and her reflections were originally broadcast this week to a small group of her friends. I think more people need to watch it. Here is her bio and photo. Rev. McNatt speaks to us as an African American mother of two sons, now in their 20s, who want to join the protests, and must give them the “talk” she thought that, as someone who engaged in civil rights protests when she was their age, she thought she’d never have to give when her kids were born. She then talks about what to her surprise she now sees happening today in mostly white communities like ours, or as she puts it, in “small towns and cities across America where Black people generally don’t live.” I encourage you to watch with your family.

Bob Bernstein

Greenville Fire District Public Board Meeting: Wed 6/10, 6:30PM

FYI that all Greenville Fire District Public Meetings are now available via Zoom.  Anyone interested in attending, please find the details below or go here for more details.


Wednesday, June 10 – 6:30 PM – Regular Meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners.

During this time of isolation, the Governor has indicated that all meetings of government bodies will be conducted and recorded by Zoom. As a result, if you are planning to attend our Zoom meetings, as with all of our public meetings, we require a sign-in of our visitors. Please email (providing us with your full name and address) to register and we will provide you with our meeting password at that time. Passwords will be changed regularly.


If you have any questions for the Fire District that you would like addressed, please send an email to or alternatively, call us at: (914) 723-3430, ext. 123. For either communication method, please provide us with your full name, address and callback telephone number.

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