Civic Associations


The Edgemont Community Council is a large umbrella organization for all residents of the Edgemont Community. There are 8 local neighborhood associations in the Community as well, whose presidents or designee serve as directors of ECC. Our member associations are –

Central Park Avenue is on the east side of Central Ave and includes the following addresses: 300; 330-356; 370-372 and 500-509.

The Cotswold Association dates back to the late 1920’s. Its boundaries run from the Yonkers line to Ardsley Road, from Central Avenue to the west side of Old Army Road.

Fort Hill encompasses the area north and south of Underhill Road. It runs from Fort Hill Road south to include Stonleigh Close and the east side of Anadale, and west along Sheridan. On its northern side it includes Rock Hill Lane and goes west to Sprain Road.

Greenridge is centered around streets adjacent to the Scarsdale Golf Club and has a Hartsdale address.

Longview runs from Central Avenue west to Sprain Parkway, from the north side of Ardsley Road to the invisible east/west line that runs down the middle of Sheridan Road. Includes the south campus of Scarsdale Country Estates (Sentry Place).

Northern Greenville includes the north campus of Scarsdale Country Estates (Campus Place and Cambridge building); Scarsdale Meadows; Stoneridge Manor and all of the area behind the post office north to Healy Avenue.

Old Edgemont Association is the original Edgemont neighborhood association, founded in 1920. Its boundaries are from Central Park Ave. to the Bronx River Parkway and from Old Army Rd. and White Oak Ln. to the Yonkers line east of Old Army Rd. Members of the Association work with the ECC and Town leaders on a variety of issues important to the neighborhood. In addition, we host annual community events at Crane’s Pond. To learn about our activities and events, please join our mailing list here.

Southern Greenville roughly corresponds to boundaries of Central Avenue west to Sprain Parkway, Jackson Avenue to Ardsley Road.

Civic Association Presidents
1. Central Park Ave. Civic Assn. – Inactive
2. Old Edgemont Association – Dylan F. Pyne
3. Fort Hill Association – Jeff Sherwin
4. Greenridge Association – Jason and Sharon Feldman
5. Longview Association – Tom Agoglia
6. Northern Greenville Assn. – Inactive
7. Southern Greenville Assn. – Yasmin Pacia & Gary Stern
8. Cotswold Association – Gabi Maxwell

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