Officers & Directors 2014-2015

The ECC board of directors comprises 15 at-large directors and eight directors representing the eight civic associations within Edgemont. The ECC membership elects the at-large directors to three-year terms at the annual meeting. Each civic association may appoint one director and one alternate to one-year terms. The membership elects the officers to one-year terms.

Officers (as of July 1, 2014)

President – Robert Bernstein
First Vice President – Howard Hirsch
Second Vice President – Peter Mellis
Treasurer – Gregory Adams
Secretary – Alix Brown

At-large directors

Terms Expiring June 30, 2015
Gregory Adams
Jean Marie Airo
Mrinal Jhangiani
Peter Mellis
Dylan F. Pyne

Terms Expiring June 30, 2016
Roz Chantz
Howard Hirsch
Regina Hopkins
Ed Krauss
Mark Lafayette

Terms Expiring June 30, 2017
Robert Bernstein
Alix Brown
Alec Clarke
Hillary Greenberg
Matthew Jaffe

Directors Representing Civic Associations

Central Park Avenue Civic Association – TBD
Cotswold Association – Andrea Weiss
Edgemont Association – Jon Guttenberg
Fort Hill Association – Robin Schaffer
Greenridge Association – David Cautin
Longview Civic Association – Tom Blank
Northern Greenville Civic Association – TBD
Southern Greenville Civic Association – Calvin Chin

2014-2015 School Board Nominating Committee

Howard Hirsch – Chairman
Pamela Montgomery – 1st ECC representative
Mike Rosen – 2nd ECC representative

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