Silver Bowl: Barbara and Walter Groden

Barbara and Walter Groden were born and raised in Edgemont. They have lived in their home for the past 43 years, where they raised their now-grown two children. Using their talents to support and contribute to the community came natural to them, having observed their own parents volunteer in the community. 

Barbara, the owner of a Hartsdale-based property management company which manages properties throughout Westchester, was always interested in local issues. She wanted to give back to the community, and more than 20 years ago found the perfect fit as a one of three commissioners of the Hartsdale Parking District. The Parking District was established to support the local community and Barbara has enjoyed using her background and skills to help address the ever changing needs and challenges of the community. 

Walter had a 40-year career in the insurance and financial services industries as a fire protection engineer. He found a home at the Greenville Fire District where he could stay involved with the community and where he could use his background skills and knowledge. He became a volunteer fireman in 1969, then became an Officer and later an Assistant Chief.  Walter was a board member from 1986-1992 and then again from 2005 to the present. Currently, he is the Chairperson of the Board of Fire Commissioners. Walter has been a relentless fighter for Edgemont’s public safety. 

The Grodens have observed many changes in the community throughout the years, but a few things remained the same. The community is composed of people that care about it. The Grodens enjoy contributing and supporting a community they know will be cared for into the future. They were shocked and thrilled to receive news of being honored with the Silver Bowl Award. They never expected to be honored, as the satisfaction of doing their work has always been enough. Their recognition by the ECC is long overdue as their collective contribution and dedication to our community has been enormous and felt by all residents of Edgemont.