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Can you believe summer is over and another fall is already here? The Edgemont Community Council is preparing for another productive year – planning our monthly meetings and making sure Edgemont’s voice is heard and interests are represented.

While the ECC does its best to minimize its overhead, working to increase its online presence and relying primarily on online communication methods to reduce printing and mailing costs, there are still expenses that the ECC must bear to continue providing services to the Edgemont community.

Membership dues help support the ECC in representing and advocating for the Edgemont community with respect to zoning, public works, Town budget & taxes, and police matters as well as specific initiatives such as:

  • Overseeing the School Board Nominating Committee
  • Presenting the Silver Bowl Award annually to an Edgemont resident for commitment and exemplary service to the community
  • Publishing and mailing the annual newsletter and other occasional mailings

For only $30 you can join the ECC.

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P.S. Have you ever considered serving your community and getting involved with the ECC? The Nominating Committee is seeking interested community members to fill an alternate-delegate vacancy on the School Board Nominating Committee representing the ECC. If you would like to learn more please contact the Nominating Committee at

ECC Monthly Meeting – September 24, 2018

The Edgemont Community Council will be holding its first meeting of the year, a joint September/October 2018 meeting, tomorrow, Monday, September 24th at 8PM in the Edgemont Junior Senior High School Faculty Lounge.

The agenda can be found on our website.

As always, ECC meetings are open to the public.

Town of Greenburgh Releases Tentative Tax Assessment Roll 

The Town of Greenburgh released its tentative tax assessment roll on June 1, 2018, but unlike in past years, the Town did not disclose on its email list that it had done so. Nor did it post the list prominently on its website. And some property owners who’ve just discovered their assessments this year have been increased are saying they received no written notice from the Town informing them of any such increase. Accordingly, the ECC is publishing the list here. Property owners are encouraged to examine the assessment for their property. The assessment is the tax assessor’s estimate of what she thinks your property is worth if it were sold today, and it is the basis upon which all property taxes for the coming year are calculated and levied. If a property owner believes that his or her assessment is too high — and a number of property owners may see that their assessments this year have increased — they have only 20 days — until June 20 — to file a grievance with the Town.

This year’s assessments for Edgemont (using the assessed value of the Greenville Fire District) saw an overall increase from $2.648 billion to $2.689 billion. The total assessed value for unincorporated Greenburgh increased from $10.138 billion to $10.398 billion.

The Town is required to assign assessed values to individual properties each year at 100% of market value. Rather than perform an overall revaluation of individual properties, the assessor’s office instead examines sales data for the past year to determine whether and to what extent properties in individual submarkets in the Town may have sold for more — or less — than their assessed value in the prior year. If the sales prices were higher than the assessed values, the assessor may determine that an increase in overall assessment for homes that fall into that particular submarket is warranted. If sales prices were lower, then assessed values in the coming year may be lower.

If a property owner decides to grieve, he or she must be prepared to prove that the assessor’s tentative assessment is too high. This is usually done by providing evidence of recent sales of comparable properties. This evidence can usually be obtained from a local realtor.

ECC Monthly Meeting – May 7, 2018

The Edgemont Community Council will be holding its May 2018 meeting this evening, Monday, May 7th at 8PM in the Edgemont Junior Senior High School Faculty Lounge.

The agenda can be found on our website.

As always, ECC meetings are open to the public.

ECC Annual Meeting – April 25, 2018

The Edgemont Community Council, Inc. cordially invites you to attend its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 8 PM in the Greenville School Cafeteria, Glendale Road, Scarsdale, NY. We will begin our 71st year of service to the Edgemont community. On the agenda for the April 25th meeting is the President’s Report; the Treasurer’s Annual Reportconsideration of one by-law amendment, the approval of minutes from the 70th Annual Meetingthe election of Officers and Directors of the Council for 2018-2019; the presentation of the Silver Bowl award for service to our community; and a Guest Speaker. For additional information please review the Annual Newsletter.

This year the ECC will bestow its Silver Bowl award for distinguished community service on Evandale Road resident Anish Nanavaty. Between 2011 and 2017, Anish was a member of the Edgemont School Board and from 2016-2017, he served as school board president.

This year’s guest speaker is Westchester County Executive George Latimer, who was elected this past November in a local Democratic sweep, defeating Rob Astorino. He will speak about his experience thus far as county executive and answer questions. Before his election as county executive, Mr. Latimer served 2012 to 2017 as a state senator, and before that, from 2004 to 2012, he was a member of the State Assembly. From 1991 to 2004, he was a member of the county board of legislators, with a stint from 1998 to 2001, as board chairman. Before that, from 1987 to 1991, he was a Rye City Councilman. Mr. Latimer also served as Chairman of the Westchester County Democratic Party from 2002 to 2004. He has never lost an election. Professionally, Mr. Latimer was a marketing executive for 20 years at major corporate subsidiaries of Nestle, and ITT, with on-site responsibilities for projects with AT&T, IBM and Shearson Lehman.

Lastly, at the annual meeting you will have the opportunity to pay this year’s 2017-2018 annual dues, if you have not already done so, as well as pay your 2018-2019 annual dues for next year. However, to beat the registration line you may also pay online ahead of time.

If you have NOT paid your dues for this year you can pay your family’s dues of $30 for July 1, 2017 — June 30, 2018 by clicking the button below. If you are unsure of your membership status respond to this email and we’d be happy to check our records. Your membership must be current to vote at the upcoming Annual Meeting. If you have already paid this year then your additional contribution will further support the ECC.

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The Edgemont Community Council
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